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Security & Lockout/Tagout

Chase Associates Quick-Opening Manway Models CM-1, CM-2, CM-2P and CM-3 are designed with two (2) Lockout Points. Position “A” prevents accidental closings and Position “B” prevents accidental openings. Lockout Points are identified with a yellow sticker on the Yoke assemblies.

Model CM-4 Manways are provided with a lockout point on the quick release toggle assembly and Model CM-12 Manways can be fitted with a drilled post upon request, each location for affixing a padlock to prevent accidental openings and closings.

Security Covers are available for Models CM-1, CM-2 and CM-2P. The Cover locks over the exterior of the manway securing the handwheel and hinge mechanism.

Typical Security Cover applications include vessels in public access locations such as municipal water storage tanks and sensitive industrial processing areas. Provides tamper and vandal proof protection.


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