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Products for Steel Tanks

Chase Quick-Opening access products are available for new or existing stainless steel or carbon steel tanks.

Model CM-2 In-Swing Manways are designed for vertical wall access. Each Model CM-2 is fabricated to meet your specific application requirements including type of material, wall thickness, tank radius, static head pressure and the correct gasketing for the tank contents. Conforms with OSHA Permit Required Confined Space Rules.

Model CM-4 Cross Arm Out-Swing Manway applications include economical Clean-Out, Sample Port, Manway Access or Top Hatch for storage or processing vessels and can be installed in new or existing structures. Available in Sanitary Designs.

Model CM-12 Out-Swing Manways are designed for vertical or horizontal installations in new or existing steel tanks. This product can be welded to a steel tank for side access or as a top hatch and can be fitted with a drilled mounting flange ring for bolt up to new or existing flanges. Model CM-12 Manways secure a hinged ASME flanged and dished head against a liquid-tight, replaceable gasket with a series of quick release toggles.

Where welding is prohibited, all models can be fitted with a mounting flange ring drilled to match your specifications.

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